Humanities at RU

Humanities at RU

Humanities are the foundation of an educated life. The greatest universities in the world continue to expose students to art, history, languages, literature, music, philosophy, religion and theatre.

Why Rockhurst?

From the beginning, the roots of Jesuit education have been anchored in the humanities. At Rockhurst, the humanities continue to thrive within a Jesuit tradition that embraces diversity, upholds justice, and seeks to understand the place of humanity in culture and in the wider world.

Prospective Students


Double-major or Minor

Humanities Classroom
Every student has the opportunity to benefit from Rockhurst鈥檚 deep commitment to humanities. Whether you鈥檙e interested in chemistry, engineering or pre-dentistry, you can pair your major with a double-major or minor in the humanities, making you part of the rich tradition of liberal arts education that sets RU apart from the rest.

Humanities Degrees Put to Work

In addition to imparting intellectual, ethical and spiritual values, humanities equip students with professional skills like critical analysis, creative thinking and effective communication. Seeing the world through a humanities lens prepares students to discern and direct the evolution of science, technology and business landscapes toward ethical, sustainable practices.