Biochemistry Major

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Biochemistry Major

Program Description 

The goal of the biochemistry degree听is to give students a solid foundation in the sciences that is needed to understand the biological and chemical complexities in the processes of life.

What is biochemistry?

Biochemistry explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms. It combines biology and chemistry using chemical knowledge and techniques to solve biological problems.

Students who pursue a biochemistry major听will develop the ability to think in an integrated manner and to look at problems from different perspectives. Additionally, they will learn the theory and application of the techniques of modern experimental biochemistry. Upon completion, students in the biochemistry major will be able to engage in evaluative and critical thinking across the disciplines of chemistry and biology and integrate these disciplines into their chosen career paths or medical, professional and graduate educations. Students entering the biochemistry degree will meet with an advisor from either the biology or chemistry departments to plan a curriculum tailored to their postgraduate aspirations and to help select the appropriate biology and chemistry courses.

The interdisciplinary nature of biochemistry requires that students study both biology and chemistry in order to understand the molecular processes of life. The biochemistry major is designed to meet the needs of students interested in this interdisciplinary subject.

What salary can I expect with a biochemistry degree? According to Payscale, most entry-level biochemists make around $51,000, but that can grow to over $81,000 later in their biochemistry career. This can get higher as biochemistry jobs evolve as well, becoming Research and Development Managers, Directors of Engineering, and more.

This biochemistry major听follows guidelines suggested by the American Chemical Society and the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for a bachelor's in biochemistry degree.

Prospective Students 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Engage in evaluative and critical thinking across the disciplines of chemistry and biology.
  • Understand the molecular processes of life.
  • Develop proficiency in lab techniques in both chemistry and biology.
  • Effectively communicate scientific reasoning and data analysis.

Course Map 

Current Students 


  • Biochemistry students experience a unique curriculum at the intersection of chemistry and biology, taught by world-class faculty.
  • Many students pursuing a biochemistry degree will have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research.
  • Through Rockhurst鈥檚 advanced alumni network, students pursuing a biochemistry major will have access to internship and career opportunities through the Kansas City area and beyond.


Students completing a biochemistry degree will be prepared for future success in:

  • Pharmaceutical careers
  • Biotechnology careers
  • Graduate school for biochemistry, medical, veterinary, dental or pharmacy.

The biochemistry major听is part of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Biochemistry Jobs and Internships